Participate in 3D art challenge by Hum3D and win great softwares: Make 3D Guns 2

Check out details of the latest 3D art challenge to create best weapon render.


3D art challenge by hum3d

As always, Hum3D is back with one more creative competition to challenge your 3D skill set. Hum3D is leading international market place to buy and sell high quality 3D models. You count any industry – movies, games, commercials, automobiles, architecture, health care; Hum3D can help you.

As earlier competitions, this one follows same guidelines and set of rules. Check out major details of the 3D art challenge by Hum3D. Same competition of making 3D guns was conducted four years ago. That’s why this contest in named as Three D Guns 2.

Make 3D Gun / best weapon render:

  1. Create a 3D model of a gun as per your creativity and imagination (any era, any time period – its all up to you)
  2. Make related 3D environment for background
  3. Submit final rendered output

Major Rules:

  • Model of 3D gun can be of any genre (classic, heavy battle, personal weapon, scientific or anything you think of)
  • You can’t submit your model which was showcased in any other CG competition
  • You can model more than one gun in background
  • Photoshopped matte painting of environment is not accepted
  • Only one entry per artist
  • We need a short story which connects your visualization with this 3D art challenge by Hum3D
  • WIPs are must. Without it, we will not consider your entry.
  • Provide one wireframe / clay render along with final output
  • Add competition name at any of the corner
  • Final render size must not exceed 2 mb

Competition Schedule:

  • Start date: 13th March, Wednesday, 2019
  • End date: 29th May, Wednesday, 2019

Technology partners:

  • V-Ray (3D rendering plugin)
  • Allegorithmic (3D software)
  • LightWave (3D software)
  • Knald (3D software)
  • Corona (Rendering engine)
  • KeyShot (3D Rendering and Animation software)
  • ArtStation (Leading online portal for games, film, media & entertainment artists to showcase their work)
  • Quixel (Scan based PBR texturing in Photoshop, World’s largest library of photorealistic physically-based scans)
  • Marvelous Designer (3D software for virtual clothing)
  • Marmoset (3D Rendering, Animation and baking software)
  • Redshift (Rendering plugin)
  • VR-Plugin for Autodesk Maya (See your 3D assets in Virtual Reality)
  • iToo Software (Creator of Forest Pack and RailClone softwares)
  • Rizom-Lab (Perfect UV mapping tool)
  • Topogun (Resurfacing tool for 3D models)
  • Exlevel (Plant Modeling and Animation system for 3ds Max)
  • (3D photo scanned textures)
  • World Creator (Terrain and landscape generator)
  • Rebus Farm (Cloud Rendering service)
  • Video Copilot (Advanced plugins and tutorials)
  • iCube R&D Group (3D tool)
  • Thinkinetic (CG Destruction tool)
  • FOX Renderfarm (Render farm service)
  • Teya Conceptor (ex-Polybrush: Light software for concept art and fast 3d modeling)


Gold, Silver and Bronze categories includes various prizes such as 3D software license, subscriptions, vouchers, credits and points from all above listed software companies. Several bonus prizes are also to be won.


  • Ralph Huchtemann (Owner of RebusFarm GmbH)
  • Eduard Danilov (Owner of Exlevel and GrowFX main developer)
  • Tom Grimes (Marketing Specialist, Corona Renderer)
  • Kenny Zou(Co-Founder of FoxRenderfarm)
  • Jeremie Noguer (Allegorithmic Product Manager)
  • Yurii Lebediev (CG Supervisor and popular 3D blogger)
  • Vinicius Ribeiro (Texture Artist at
  • Arseniy Korablev (3D Artist, creator and owner of Teya conceptor)
  • Dominik Capodieci (One of the founders of VR-Plugin)
  • Jonathan Holmes (Quixel Community Manager)
  • Maciej Ptaszynski (Staff Visualization Specialist at Tesla)
  • Daniel Wade (Industry Manager, ArtStation)
  • Mark Doeden (Co-founder, Marmoset)
  • Roman Tsapik (Editor in Chief
  • Zacharias Reinhardt (3D Artist and Certified Blender Trainer)
  • Kirill Tokarev (Editor in Chief of
  • Deuce Bennett (Customer Service Team Lead / Beta Development Team Lead at LightWave3D)
  • Hum3D team (Lead 3D artists)

For complete details and registration link, kindly check the official link of the challenge.

The competition is closed. Check out the winners list of the Three D Guns 2 competition on

The link showcase winner’s outputs, remarks of jury and short text based interview of winners. Get inspired and create your own awesome work.


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