Advanced Houdini: Free Webinar to Learn 3D and Post Production Pipeline using SideFX Houdini

Mark Spevick will conduct tutorial video of Advanced Houdini. Learn industry standard tips and tricks from Escape Studios.


Advanced Houdini tutorial webinar

And here comes the end of webinar series of 3D VFX software sessions from Escape Studios. The finale is the best of all, titled ‘Advanced Houdini’. You can check information of earlier two webinars from following links.

  1. Advance Maya 
  2. Introduction to Houdini

Escape Studios and Mark had received huge positive response in both the online sessions. Webinar attendees were impressed with training flow and quality content. To sum it all together in great learning experience, the series will conclude with ‘Advanced Houdini’. Details are given below. 

Trainer: Mark Spevick
Date: 20th February, Tuesday, 2018
Schedule: 6 pm London / 11.30 pm India (Check out the registration link to get webinar schedule in your country’s time zone)
Duration: One hour
Venue: Online

Check out some of the new features of Houdini 16.5:

  • Bubble simulation: Integral part of simulation process
  • Narrow Band fluid simulation: Only interactive areas will be simulate again. It will give faster output using less memory. Output quality will not be compromised.
  • Character FX: Time space motion path handles, enhanced grooming tools, facial and quadraped support in autorigs
  • Rendering optimization: Materials are created through VOP nodes, Improvements in rounded edge shader
  • Polyreduce tool: Make models lightweight while maintaining UVs and other required profiles
  • UV improvements: Highly interactive and advanced algorithms for entire workflow
  • New hotkey manager: Fully organized and optimized user interface. Search is possible for every parameter, including the value itself. 

and many more.

All aspiring 3D and VFX artists can download PLE (Personal Learning Edition) of Houdini FX which is stylized as Houdini Apprentice from the official website. The Houdini Apprentice version provides access to major features of full version, so you can practice and master at your own pace. You can save the file and render with watermark.  

Click the registration link to join the Advanced Houdini tutorial webinar.


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