Why India is Preferred for VFX Outsourcing Projects?

Outsourcing to India is multifold beneficial for foreign companies. over the years, VFX outsourcing projects are more inclined to India.


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Receiving huge VFX outsourcing projects from foreign countries and local industry market are major key for business growth of Post Production Studio. Timely delivery of such Visual Effects projects establishes your VFX studio brand, as well increases quality shots in studio demoreel. Consistent work can open stream of recurring revenue business in long run. Having good number of repeat clients in business kitty is one of the major objectives of any business owner.

With all latest developments, India is going strong in AVCG (Animation, Visual effects, Gaming and Comics) market. Majorly all studios and post production houses are acting as VFX outsourcing companies / vendors for foreign clients.

Why India is preferred for VFX outsourcing projects?

With latest technology advancements, geographical boundaries are getting blurred. India has become preferred choice for roto and paint outsourcing projects, VFX and Stereo both. Gigantic box office figures of Bahubali franchise has been booster for this outsourcing VFX work stream. India has established itself as one of the largest Media and Entertainment industry. We are getting bigger and better every passing year.

India based Animation and Visual Effects studios are prominent VFX outsourcing companies for various foreign countries due to following listed parameters.

1. High currency conversion ratio:

Without any doubt, it is one of the biggest factors for outsourcing to India from various foreign countries. Major are USA, Europe, Australia and Canada. The said process helps to save them a lot on their financial resources.

There are no fix labour prices for Roto, Paint or any other Animation and Visual Effects job works. It varies on so many parameters. So, foreign studios get huge margin for bargaining and various pricing negotiations. As they have upper hand in project distribution, they churn more from it, plus enjoying high currency conversion rate. They leverage our Indian talent with huge cost benefit.

2. Massive bandwidth of creative and technical skilled artists:

Indian Animation and VFX Studios cater job categories of entire post production pipeline. With backbone of large pool of talented artists, we provide high quality service with full technical support. Outsourcing in India goes to multiple options of Post Production Houses ranging from big to small scale, teams of freelancer artists, individual artist to working professionals. Such ease provides opportunity to various scalable solutions for the client. As per various parameters of projects, a client can choose whom to outsource.

Majority of work comes in the area of roto / rotoscoping and Paint. In current scenario, we are getting more VFX roto than Stereo Roto. Freelance roto frame rate varies on so many parameters like delivery timeline, benchmark quality output reference, softwares to be used and of course, amount of money for the project.

Such Indian artists are also available through Upwork (Earlier it was Elance), Freelancer, Fiverr and many other sites who provides freelancing projects and many other extended outreach.

3. Outstanding output quality:

Sheer talent of Indian skilled artists is seen in credentials of each and every blockbuster Hollywood movies. In fact, at any given point of time, some of India’s leading VFX studios are always booked for upcoming three to four years. This tight post production schedule is live proof why India is preferred destination for outsourcing VFX work.

If needed, Indian animation and VFX artists artists are ready to adapt new technologies through in-house training programs, conducted by foreign artists. We adapt these new learnings of international quality standards in our post production pipeline to produce more quality content.

4. Delivery of project in stipulated timeline:

We have huge workforce to carry out given project in tight deadlines, without sacrificing quality. Studios with good amount of manpower are always open for 24 x 7 technical support.

The tough part of being a service provider in creative industry is that we always receives last minute ideas / changes. It might require an entire new shot creation or a huge redo. To tackle the situation, Indian VFX outsourcing companies acts as a vendor and shares the work to peer competition with minimum margin of benefit. Our aim is timely delivery of the project, not to earn money from other studios.

5. World leader in VFX outsourcing of Roto (Rotoscoping) and Prep (Paint):

Roto and Paint are core fundamental modules of digital VFX Compositing. These two are the most essential, but their workflow is laborious. Having a huge number of artists helps Indian VFX studios to execute mundane work of roto and paint (prep) in better way.

Let it be any kind of roto (VFX roto, Stereo / 2D to 3D conversion roto, manual, automatic through tracking, frame by frame, articulate, motion blur, hair detail and other) or paint (simple or dynamic clean plane, texture fix, background creation with reference, removing unwanted objects from shooting plate, wire / rig removal and other) work, we have mastered various techniques to achieve high quality output.

On a practical note, rotoscoping / roto is a no-brain work. After initial practice, it is just repetitious work. But, it requires extensive detail oriented attention. Some VFX studios also work solely as Roto and Paint outsourcing studios / vendors. They have large teams to produce required roto mattes and paint plates as per customized client requirement.

6. Strong support system:

Over the years, we had established ourself as an ideal choice and proper industry for outsourcing Animation and VFX projects from foreign clients. Indian Animation and VFX artists are delivering quality output for various digital platforms including movies, TV series, commercials, web videos, corporate videos, Over The Top (OTT) contents and other forms of video solutions through our established ecosystem of studios.

Earlier trend of outsourcing entire series to Indian Animation studio is still fruitful to foreign companies because of our affordable and flexible policies. We are seeing a spurt in demand in coming years as HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Hulu, ZEE5, ALTBalaji, Ullu, MX Player, Voot, Hotstar, Viu, Sony LIV, Eros NOW and many other companies are gearing towards more and more original contents, in which Animation and VFX will always play a vital role.

7. Necessary infrastructure:

It is one of the critical benchmark to become a prominent VFX vendor. On a good note, Indian VFX and post production studios are very well equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software programs. Such mandatory arrangement maintains quality standards of the client.

Indian studios are flexible to change their entire post production pipeline, software wise (Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Fusion, NUKE, Blender or any other) and operating system wise (Windows, Mac, Linux) as per the client requirements. Studios are also ready to hire render farms / render blades and cloud rendering services, if the outsourcing work demands.

8. Communication in English language:

Our irony of ‘English’ as a second language has created huge English speaking workforce which is ideal for foreign country studios for easy communication. Indian skilled artists speak the same language as the client. It boosts up outsourcing to India, which is our huge win against studios of China and Japan.

Apart from email communication, we extend our reach through Skype / Google+ Hangouts video conferencing. It increases response time and fast updates from client.

9. Education of latest technology:

Leading Animation and multimedia institutes of India are continuously updating their education and course curriculum to be in-sync with all latest Hollywood Animation and VFX technologies. Course designs are revised under guidelines of industry experts and software companies. This system makes sure that passed out student is job ready. It helps him/her to get absorbed by current job market with adequate salary.

Indian institutes are also doing tie-up with third party foreign education institutes for affiliation courses. It gives huge technical exposure to Indian students to keep pace with current happenings on international industry and studios. Slowly but steadily, we are adapting the online learning concept of virtual classroom training through foreign trainer.

These are the major factors why Indian Animation and Visual Effects studios are preferred choice for outsourcing VFX projects from foreign clients. As we are continuously producing expected results, we are very keen to see rise in this domain.

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