Save up to 75% Expenses of Animation Production: ‘Nimble Virtual Studio’ by Nimble Collective and Abode Creative Cloud

Nimble Virtual Studio, cloud based Animation platform, announced collaboration with Adobe Creative Cloud.


Nimble Virtual Studio animation platform with abode creative cloud

In the arena of Animation and VFX world, Nimble Collective is very well-known for its online / cloud-based animation platform. As name suggests, Nimble Collective is remedy to reduce studio overheads, investing in complex and costly infrastructure, tons of regular bills and many other physical setup expenses. Going one step forward, Nimble Virtual Studio announced strategic alliance with industry giant Adobe Creative Cloud to create state-of-the art tools of animation production workflow, asset management and other related.

Nimble Collective is working closely with Adobe, so the users can get native support of Adobe CC on the platform of Nimble virtual studio. To do it faster and on much more efficient manner, Nimble got associated with Adobe Technology Partner Program for further development and implementation. Through it they will be able to use various developer tools, creative clouds app, API (Application Program Interface) and will share the final modules on Adobe Exchange. From here, end users and other 3rd party developers can access tools.

Initial focus is to provide ease of use to artists with proper user interface and seamless production pipeline. All tools of Adobe Creative Cloud suite will be deployed including Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and many others. The end goal is provide complete animation production pipeline, from scratch to final output.

Once Nimble virtual studio gets tightly integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, the subscribers of Adobe CC will be able to use animation platform of Nimble. It will give all cloud based functionality (collaborative working on cloud-based workstations, production pipeline and workflow, data storage, cloud based rendering and more) to animation studios. To add layer of one more security, the virtual studio will run of Microsoft Azure and other cloud based platforms. Such ease of work can reduce animation production cost up to 75%, as per the industry standard statistics.

Animation platform of Nimble virtual studio and Adobe Creative Cloud belongs to the genre of cloud based computing technology. On a wider note, it is called SaaS (Software as a service). The artist / CEO / production team can completely focus on creative aspects of the project, rather than keep worrying about the complex hardware and setup issues. It is the next generation technology wave to cater creative ideas through larger perspectives where one don’t need to compromise on quality at all.

Nimble Collective was established in 2014 by award winning industry veterans which includes Rex Grignon (Toy Story, Madagascar, and founding head of character animation at DreamWorks), Jason Schleifer (Lord of the Rings, Megamind) and Scott LaFleur (How to Train Your Dragon, Megamind). Rex Grignon, Co-Founder, CEO, Nimble Collective said, “This ground-breaking new collaboration with Adobe is another exciting milestone in our mission to bring new voices to the world of animation. Empowering our customers with the capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud is critical to creating a premier, world-class cloud solution for animation production.”

Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe professional video said, “Animation is an exciting area of growth for the global entertainment industry, and more animation studios are seeking to achieve the efficiencies and creative opportunities enabled by the cloud. Nimble Collective is an ideal addition to Adobe Creative Cloud for customers who want to explore the possibilities of animation production on a cloud-based platform.”

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